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In some cases, California courts will order one party to pay spousal support to the other during and after certain court proceedings. The purpose of this support is to provide extra income for one of the partners following the separation. If you are involved in a spousal support case, consulting a San Diego Spousal Support & Alimony Attorney is highly recommended.

About Spousal Support in California

Spousal support, which may also be referred to as “alimony,” is a complicated issue in the state of California. It may be awarded as part of an annulment, separation, divorce or domestic violence restraining order.

When determining whether spousal support is appropriate in a given situation, the judge must consider several different factors. Some of these factors include the length of the relationship, the marketable skills of the partner seeking support and the time and expense required to develop new marketable skills and/or secure a job. If the partner seeking support was responsible for domestic duties during the relationship, the judge will also consider the impact these responsibilities may have had on his or her career.

The exact amount of spousal support required depends on a variety of different factors, including the income of both spouses, the standard of living during the marriage, the health and age of each partner, outstanding debts and more. Spousal support may be ordered temporarily, or it may continue indefinitely. If the partner receiving support remarries, spousal support will usually end.

Why You Need a Spousal Support & Alimony Attorney

All of the factors that go into the determination and calculation of spousal support and alimony in California are complicated, so having a qualified San Diego attorney on your side is essential. Attorney Shana J. Black understands all of the complex laws that apply to spousal support and alimony in San Diego, and she can help you collect the evidence you need to maximize your chances of a good outcome.

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Attorney Shana J. Black can help you with the establishment of new spousal support orders, as well as the modification of existing orders. If you need aspousal support & alimony attorney in San Diego, contact the Law Offices of Shana J. Black today to schedule an appointment.

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