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When you are involved in a separation or divorce, property division is one of the most complex issues you will face. To ensure that you get your fair share of the property you and your partner accumulated during your relationship, you need to consult a San Diego Property Division Attorney for assistance.

About Property Division in California

California is a community property state, which means that all of the property you accumulated during your marriage or domestic partnership is considered the property of both parties. In addition, any debts accumulated during the marriage will be considered “community debts,” which means that both partners are equally responsible for paying them. California courts typically divide community property and debts equally between both partners.

Certain types of property are considered “separate property,” which means that the property belongs to only one spouse. Examples of separate property include any assets you brought with you into the marriage, as well as inheritances or gifts made to only one partner. Property classified as “separate” will typically be awarded to the spouse who received it or brought it into the marriage.

Classifying an asset as community property or separate property helps you to determine which spouse will receive the property in a settlement. Some assets may be considered part community property and part separate property, depending on the specifics of the situation.

Why You Need a Property Division Attorney in San Diego

The laws that apply to the division of property in California are complicated. In some cases, a given asset could be classified as separate property or community property based on the interpretation of the court. For this reason, having an experienced attorney who understands these laws and can help you build strong arguments is essential.

Attorney Shana J. Black has represented many clients involved in divorce and separation cases. She can help you understand how California law applies in your case, and she can help you make sure you get all of the property you are entitled to receive.

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