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When a child’s parents don’t live in the same home, a formal child custody and visitation agreement ensures that both parents are able to spend time with the child and play an active role in his or her life. If you are pursuing custody or visitation of your child, you need to consult a trustworthy San DiegoChild Custody & Visitation Attorney for assistance.

Understanding Child Custody & Visitation in San Diego

California law recommends two different types of child custody: physical custody and legal custody. Legal custody orders determine which parent is responsible for making important decisions on behalf of the child. Examples include decisions that affect the child’s education or health. On the other hand, physical custody orders determine the child’s primary residence.

Either type of custody can be designated as sole custody to one of the child’s parents, or it can be designated as joint custody shared by both parents. If parents have joint legal custody, they must share in the decision-making process. If parents have joint physical custody, they will share equal parenting time. In cases where one parent has sole physical custody, the child’s other parent will have visitation rights.

Why You Need an Attorney

All child custody and visitation arrangements in the state of California are made based on the child’s best interests. If you are involved in one of these cases, you will need to present strong arguments in court to protect your rights and your relationship with your child. Attorney Shana J. Black has significant experience representing clients involved in child custody cases, and she can help you maximize your chances of a satisfactory outcome. Although she always tries to help her clients negotiate with the child’s other parent and resolve the situation outside of court, she is also willing to fight on your behalf if necessary.

Contact a Child Custody & Visitation Attorney in San Diego

If you are involved in a child custody and visitation case, or if you want to modify and existing child custody and visitation agreement, you need to contact a San Diego Attorney as soon as possible to ensure a good outcome in your case. Please call the Law Offices of Shana J. Black today to make an appointment or to learn more.

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