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Divorce is never easy, but if you understand the requirements and the options available to you, then the divorce process can often proceed smoothly and with little interruption. In order to file for divorce in San Diego, one of the divorcing parties must have lived in the State of California for six months and in San Diego for at least three months before filing for divorce in San Diego County.

If you or your spouse meets the residency requirements for terminating your marriage in San Diego, then there are several options available to you, including:

Legal Separation – available for couples who are not ready to terminate their marriage yet but want to be considered separate for legal and tax liability purposes
Annulment – may be sought in certain situations where marriages are considered void under California’s Family Code
Dissolution of Marriage – traditional divorce available to most married couples
Summary Dissolution of Marriage – available to couples who have been married less than five years, have minimal assets, and no children
Shana Black understands the complications that can arise during a divorce. As such, she works diligently to protect your rights and your family’s future during the process. She has successfully represented numerous couples and their families through this difficult time.

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