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Parental Child Abduction – More Than a Legal Issue

San Diego, CA — 11/24/2014 — Kidnapping of any form is driven by a strong ulterior motive. But it takes more complex overtones when the victims are children, and the perpetrators are their own parents.

The number of parental child abduction cases has more than doubled over the last decade. And almost 80% of the abductors are non-custodial parents. While this might place the blame squarely on the non-custodial parents, the situation on the ground is much more complex. Divorces and legal separations take a heavy emotional toll on both the parents. The children invariably face collateral emotional trauma that could affect them for years.

There are three distinct possibilities to any parental abduction. One is the possibility of being wrongly accused for a kidnapping. Second, the parent might have acted in the interest and wellbeing of the child. In other words, the act of abduction itself might have been to safeguard the child from physical or emotional harm. And finally, wrongful, illegal abduction, in violation of the rights of the parent’s rights of custody and access to the child.

In all three cases, it is important to consider and choose from a wide range of legal recourses, both before and after the incident.

For example, parents caught in a difficult custodial dispute could first file a complaint for divorce, followed by an injunction saying that the child cannot be removed from the state. While this is not something that one cannot circumvent, it is definitely a good start.

Even in the absence of such an injunction, parents could consider the Hague Convention, an international agreement that came together for the sole purpose of addressing the problem of parental abductions.

In a relevant portion, the Convention provides for the return of a child who has been wrongfully removed by a parent from his or her country of habitual residence against the other parent’s custodial rights. The child is to be returned to his or her home country until a final determination is made with regard to the child’s custody and visitation.

But in addition to legal recourse, a deeper understanding of the issue must arise among the parents involved and the society as a whole. While the parents are bound to undergo emotional stress, it is the children on whom it will tell the most. They not only have to deal with the stress of the parents’ separation, but also with feelings of insecurity, fright and the Stockholm syndrome that is bound to impact their impressionable psyche.

Which is why one needs an attorney who is not just adept at the legal proceedings, but exhibits genuine empathy for the client. Attorney at law Shana J. Black is an ideal example of a lawyer who aggressively represents the interests of the client without underplaying the emotional ramifications. It is due to this unique work ethic that she has had phenomenal success in bringing back children to the rightful parent.

About Shana J. Black
Attorney Shana J. Black is a San Diego based lawyer who has championed numerous cases for the underdog. Her legal repertoire is extensive and her client base is varied.

One for the Underdog

San Diego, CA

Attorney-At-Law Shana J. Black is a San Diego lawyer who has saved the careers and lives of numerous San Diego residents, and continues to do so. Despite being a high profile lawyer, extremely successful in her practice and constantly on demand from corporates and large firms, she stands out in one aspect; she remains committed to the underdog.

Among the many different areas of law that she practices and handles cases, litigation is an area that she takes true pride in handling. By legal definition;

Litigation is an action brought in court to enforce a particular right. The act or process of bringing a lawsuit in and of itself; a judicial contest; any dispute.

To Shana J. Black, this is an area that allows her to represent individuals in dire need of legal assistance. This is where one can perceive the true nature of the legal system, where an individual can both in theory and in practice make a case against the state. While it might be quite poetic and just to think about, it also comes with its own pitfalls for obvious reasons.

Even when the opponent is slightly more influential and powerful than oneself, one is tempted to backtrack and withdraw. That being the case, making the state, social services, or a large corporation the opponent in a legal dispute takes quite a dose of guts and courage. The common citizen is hardly even aware of his/her rights, and even the mention of a court or a lawsuit is intimidating. This is where Shana J. Black comes in.

The identity of a lawyer goes beyond the drama of the courtroom. Shana J. Black not only does her best to get justice for her clients, she also counsels them with regard to their basic inalienable rights, what are issues worth fighting for, and why. It is this that gives her clients the confidence to stand up to what is truly their right.

Thanks to her record of victories in the courtroom, Shana J. Black has resolved numerous legal disputes ranging from employment discrimination, sexual harassment, personal injury claims and wrongful termination. In each of these cases, the plaintiff undergoes extreme mental and emotional agony, before approaching the lawyer and not only needs justice, but an understanding spirit. The client usually finds both of these aspects in his / her association with Shana J. Black.

Her commitment to fighting for the underdog is neither a marketing gimmick nor lip service. This fact is evident in the sheer frequency of cases she handles each year and the testimonials of her completely satisfied clients.

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Attorney at Law with an impeccable record of success

SAN DIEGO, 27th AUGUST, 14’: Shana J. Black is a dedicated and devoted divorce attorney in San Diego. As an attorney, Ms. Black has given it her all representing clients in legal matters involving divorce and family law, business and corporate law, alcoholic beverage law etc.

Ms. Black has over a decade of experience since she was first admitted to the California bar in 2000. Since then she has fought cases for dozens of clients who have moved on to achieve success in their respective cases and become a believer in her abilities.

Clients who have used her services in the past have acknowledged her skills and her readiness to help. Ms. Black keeps herself abreast of the nuances in the field of law and uses this knowledge to improve her chances of winning the case for her clients. The fact that since the beginning of her career she has received several noted recognitions and awards proves her credibility as a top divorce attorney in San Diego.

Also, the fact that Ms. Black has been an integral member of many of the prestigious legal associations in the state of California reflect on her commitment to serving the community with her experience and her expertise as a top divorce attorney in San Diego.

To help new clients understand the scope of their case and prepare for the proceedings, Ms. Black offers free consultations. Through these consultations clients can learn about their options and discuss the way forward with her. Ms. Black. She will then work with her dedicated team at the Law Office of Ms. Black to represent the client’s case aggressively and eventually, achieve success.

About Ms. Shana J. Black:

As a litigator, Ms. Black is known for her ruthless fight for justice and as an attorney, she is known to work closely with each of her clients to derive the best outcome. She is a divorce attorney in San Diego who is known for her special skills and her extensive knowledge spread across many legal fields. Under her guidance clients will experience the insight of a friend and a well-wisher who is willing to go to great lengths to bring justice to the case.

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