Audit of Child Protective Services Ordered

In a bi-partisan vote, the Joint Committee on Legislative Audit voted to audit Child Protective Services last week, a good step toward holding the agency accountable for their actions.  Many California families and children have been expressing anger and outrage over what they see as an overzealous agency, with unchecked power to take children away from their families.  The motion passed does not specify counties, although audits for Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties were initially called for.

The outpouring of anger from Californians has been growing.  Complaints regarding the agency range from parents being on the wrong end of CPS’s power abuses and over zealousness, to an agency that is neglectful, if not negligent.  Two recent such examples include the tragic death of an 8 year old boy, beat to death by his mother and her boyfriend, after visits from case workers and repeated abuse reports, and the removal of a five-month-old baby into protective custody after the parents took the baby from one hospital (without an official discharge) to a different hospital, for a second opinion regarding open heart surgery.

An audit of the agency could take as long as six months, after which time reforms to CPS will be considered.
An audit into the government agency will take roughly five to six months to complete. After the audit, officials will determine possible reforms within the agency.

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