The Dangers of Handling Your Own San Diego Divorce

Even with experienced lawyers on your side, a San Diego divorce can become chaotic. Divorcing San Diego couples often disagree on child custody, alimony payments, and the division of their estate. When such disagreements occur, a San Diego divorce attorney can help you make sense of these overwhelming decisions, while still protecting your assets and your loved ones. Yet each year, divorcing San Diego couples are tempted by promises of a quick and economical divorce and choose to handle their own divorces without a San Diego divorce attorney present. Sadly, the results are often disastrous.

There are many dangers associated with handling your own San Diego divorce, and mistakes during this process can adversely affect your entire future. Here are just a few of the mistakes couples make when they attempt to handle their own San Diego divorce.

  • Mislabeling custody
  • Mistakes filing divorce paperwork
  • Inappropriate distribution of assets
  • Failing to handle life insurance adequately
  • Failure to request resumption of maiden name
  • Mishandling of retirement account distributions
  • And more

While some mistakes simply result in higher fees, penalties, and increased paperwork, other mistakes can adversely affect your entire future. Failure to properly distribute your estate or the mishandling of your retirement account can cause you to be cheated out of funds and assets that are rightfully yours. When it comes to child support, child custody agreements, and parenting plans, you may also be cheated out of time with your children. In addition, you may find that your mistake caused you to incorrectly give up parenting rights you did not wish to relinquish.

A San Diego Divorce Attorney Can Help You Minimize Costs
There are numerous ways an experienced San Diego divorce attorney can help you minimize your legal costs and quickly reach a divorce agreement with your spouse. By preparing all of your divorce documents and agreements, your San Diego divorce lawyer can help ensure that all of your divorce paperwork is done correctly, helping you avoid potential fees and penalties. In addition, your San Diego divorce lawyer will fight for your family’s future and ensure that all of your rights are protected throughout the entire divorce process.

If you are going through a San Diego divorce, it is important to choose a San Diego divorce attorney to represent you throughout the divorce process. San Diego divorce lawyer Shana Black has successfully represented numerous San Diego divorcing individuals and their families throughout the divorce process. Call 1-619-557-0122 or email [email protected] to learn more about all of your San Diego divorce options.

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