Before You Brew

Thinking about brewing beer for sale? Here’s just some of what is required:

  • Brewery Qualification: You must qualify with the TTB by submitting a Brewer’s Notice, issued after a wait of about three months. This process includes a background check and very detailed application requesting a variety of documentation.
  • A $1,000 Brewer’s bond.
  • Precise record keeping including amounts of grain and other ingredients purchased and proof materials purchased equal amount of product produced in a given period.
  • Regular tax payments to the TTB, along with proper documentation demonstrating the payments represent an accurate reflection of production.
  • State certification to include as required a brewery license, manufacturing license and wholesaler’s beer license.
  • A possible on-site inspection by the TTB of the proposed premises and operations when the brewery is up and ready to start running-but before it starts running.

The TTB must approve your operations before you can start making beer.

Consult with a qualified attorney before you start.

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